Taverna Bar

A light, golden-colored Greek lager.


A blonde lager with a special aroma, brewed by Athenian Brewery, and made to German standards.

A dry, ruby red Agiorgitiko wine from one of the most well-known of Greek wineries.

A dry, white Savatiano wine from one of the most wellknown of Greek wineries.

A sweet, fortified Greek aperitif wine made from the black wine grapes of the Northern Peloponnese.

A strong and famous anise-fl avored aperitif.

A frozen version of the strong and famous anise-flavored aperitif.

A fruity, golden-brown Greek brandy. The first liquor consumed in outer-space!

A La Carte

A variety of Coca-Cola branded soft-drinks.

Greek carbonated orange & lemon juice drinks made with water from the Kefalovriso spring, since 1950.

Dasani water.