Greek Pastries & Cakes

A decadent almond cookie with a delicious filling, topped with a sliced Maraschino cherry.

Lovingly made by our Ladies Philoptochos with layers of buttery phyllo, loads of coarsely-ground walnuts, sugar, cinnamon and a honey-sugar syrup. A Saint Katherine signature, get them while they last!

Swirls of dough rolled very thin, fried & dipped in honey syrup, then dashed with cinnamon & sprinkled with chopped walnuts.

A simple, hand-formed cookie, infused with orange juice, dipped in a honey syrup & topped with crushed walnuts and a hint of cinnamon.

Signature. Hailing from the family kitchen of Victoria’s Restaurant in Merritt Island, this sweet milk-custard pie with a layered phyllo pastry top & bottom and a creamed farina custard middle, is smothered with a simple syrup.

A fluffy, Greek torte with ground & chopped walnuts that is flavored with and generously bathed in a sweet sugar syrup. A Saint Katherine signature.

Ground walnuts & spices, rolled within shredded phyllo and covered in a honey syrup.

A lightly sweetened, hand-twisted butter cookie with light egg glaze. A staple cookie in all Greek households, they͛re great paired with tea or coffee.

A light, melt-in-your-mouth butter cookie coated in fine powdered sugar. The traditional Greek Wedding cookie.

A Greek creampuff of sponge cake with a vanilla filling, top-dipped in a chocolate in a sweet chocolate glaze

Baked by the Sisters of the Annunciation Monastery outside of Ocala, Florida, this fresh Greek Sweet Bread has been lovingly made by hand and topped with an egg glaze. This bread is traditionally enjoyed in the Spring at Pascha (Easter) time.

A generous selection of the most popular Greek pastries. Great for gifts anytime of the year!

A variety of gourmet, small-batch baked goods fresh-made daily in both sweet and even gluten-free versions!Plus savory items from our Greek Market!Get them while they last!!!

Briki & CO Kafenio

A special demitasse-sized strong brew, from our own single origin locally roasted Columbian coffee beans. Served with foam on top and the grounds at the bottom of the cup. The traditional briki pot helps to produce the unique taste. Ground fresh in the Kafenio hourly.

Our own tasty brew from single-origin, locally hand roasted Columbian coffee beans. Ground fresh in the Kafenio hourly.

Invented in 1957 Thessaloniki by Giannis Dritsas, this hallmarked foam covered blended iced coffee drink is made from Nescafe Greek Instant Coffee.

This marvelous black tea, blended with rose, jasmine and mandarin orange was created for the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok by the famous Parisian gourmet tea company Mariage Frères. Since 1854 they have produced special blends for the most astute tea lovers around the world.

A lightly sweetened, hand twisted butter cookie with light egg glaze. A staple cookie in all Greek households, they’re great paired with coffee or tea.

A signature of every festival, this deep-fried dough pastry is bathed in a warm honey syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon & grated nuts.