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BAKLAVAThe MOST famous! Layers of buttery phyllo, loads of coarsely-ground walnuts mixed with a filling of sugar, cinnamon and a honey-sugar syrup and a clove to finish it off.


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1 review for BAKLAVA 4-PACK

  1. Lorri Vetrano

    I’m trying to place an order for one 4 pack of baklava. I will be attending the festival on Saturday afternoon. Thank you! Please confirm you received my order.

    • Andrew

      Hi Lorri, thank you so much for purchasing on-line! We have received your order and it will be waiting for you at the Kafenio (Coffee shop) within the Bakery. Ask for Andrew!

    • Andrew

      We also realized that we had the price on the Baklava 4-pack incorrect, so we’ll issue a refund later today for the $1 since the 4-pack is $16.

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